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Welcome to Sai Institute of Management & Technology Studies

Sai Institute of Management & Technical Studies is an independent School of higher education specializing in programmes of study leading to qualifications in business management and cognate areas, as well as awards of various professional bodies.


Our philosophy is to prepare students for the modern workplace, so that as graduates they may enter the job market with confidence in their knowledge, skill and ability to perform. To achieve this, academic learning is supplemented with practical application, while emphasis is placed on employer expectations and the importance of professional and ethical behavior at work.

Over the past 10 years Sai Institute of Management & Technical Studies has been recognized as an institution that meets the needs of students, employers and the wider academic community, and has a deserved reputation as being one of the leading independent business schools in India.

SIMTS attracts students from all parts of the India and across the globe. The Part-time, the evening and executive weekend study options are the preferred choice of home-based students. We believe that the culturally diverse population of students and faculty at SIMTS adds to our students’ learning experience and helps us to remain in tune with the needs of business and society throughout the world.

We strongly believe in supporting our students at every stage of their education. From pre-application counseling to right the way through to career guidance. Even before you decide to make an application we welcome the opportunity of meeting with you and discussing your academic career aspirations – every day is an open day at SIMTS!